South Coast Insider May 2011 Issue

Here’s my article from the May issue of the South Coast Insider:

Top 5 Reasons to Eat Vegetarian at least one day a week
Three years ago I decided to make a deliberate effort to be more conscious about what foods I put on my plate, which among other things meant eating less meat. I’m certainly not a vegetarian, but I do try to avoid meat a few days a week and hardly make it the main ingredient of a meal. I challenge you and your family to join the millions of Americans already adhering to a Meatless Monday, and try to go vegetarian a least one day a week. Here are my top 5 reasons for going “part-time” vegetarian:

1) Better for your Health
Study after study has proved that a diet lower in animal fats and higher in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helps contribute to good health. In fact, people who eat less meat are less susceptible to disease and consequently live longer. Most people that decide to become part-time vegetarians— myself included— even find that they lose weight.

2) Better for your Wallet
Thirty dollars can buy a whole lot of beans and grains, but won’t go nearly as far on meats or fish. You’d be surprised to see the positive effect on your bottom line if you were to eliminate and replace just half of the meat in your shopping cart with these common vegetarian staples.

3) Better for the Planet
The United Nations stirred up considerable debate a few years ago when it claimed that livestock was responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, a higher percentage than that of transportation! Regardless of your position on this issue, it’s scientifically accepted that it takes roughly ten times more energy to produce a pound of meat than a pound of grains, beans, or vegetables.

4) Better for the Animals
Over time, the industrialization of the meat industry has led to the poorer treatment of farm animals as factory farms have by in large replaced smaller family farms. By spending the same amount of money on less meat sourced from local farms, you can help ensure animal welfare while still keeping your budget in check.

5) Better for your Taste Buds
Vegetables are delicious, and there’s no better way to appreciate the season’s best vegetables than to make them the centerpiece of your menu. With the right arsenal of meat-free recipes, vegetarian meals can open a whole new window of culinary adventures.

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