About me

I live in Massachusetts with my best friend and husband, James. Professionally I'm in marketing and graphic design, but I love to spend my spare time in the kitchen.

I hope to share with you my quest for a world where we all eat healthy, natural and sustainable foods. I am incredibly passionate for all things food and perhaps as a result this is the reason that I have struggled with my weight nearly my entire life. In 2007 I decided to throw out the 100 calorie packs, hokey diet plans, and artificial sweeteners in exchange for eating smaller portions of healthy, all-natural foods. My body must have liked the switch because barely a year later I found myself 20 pounds thinner.

My guiding philosophy is simple: “Eat like a rabbit and live like a couch potato.” Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the truth is that sitting at a desk all day at work and reading books and blogs in my spare time doesn’t burn very many calories. I choose to eat small amounts of delicious and healthy food and avoid wasting my precious time at the gym. Although I’m not vegetarian, I often focus on vegetable-based recipes and only use meat when it is integral to the dish. Despite how much I’ve talked about my weight, this is not a weight-loss blog. Instead my purpose is to share with you the results of my journey through the world of natural and sustainable foods. I hope you come along for the ride!